What to Expect


All Stellrr projects are subject to client compliance with items in this notice. First, thanks for choosing Stellrr for your project. We want everything to run as smoothly as possible. Please sign this form so we know you have read this notice.

Here's what to expect and your prep tasks for success:

1) As with any construction project, mess or dirtiness is unavoidable during the work process.

Stellrr will "broom sweep" thee work area upon significant completion. Any additional cleaning is outside the scope of Stellrr's work. Construction is very dirty, challenging, and disruptive during the work process.

Stellrr tries to be as neat as possible, but the Client can expect some "dust" from Stellrr's work - it is simply unavoidable. Stellrr is not responsible for covering the Client's personal belongings.

Before the installation, please cover any items (in the work area or work path) to prevent them from getting dusty. Cleaning items after the work is complete is the Client's responsibility and outside our scope of work.

When removing debris, there will be particulates that float in the air around the dumpster and sometimes into the yards of neighbors. We tarp our dumpsters and will do our best to minimize stuff blowing into other yards, but it is unavoidable.

We will sweep up debris that blows into neighboring yards.  Cleaning, beyond the items above, is the Client's responsibility and outside our included scope of work.

2) Nobody is to be in the work area (house) the day/night of high-pressure spray foam installation.

Stellrr uses expanding foam, intumescent paint, and cleaners. For some people, there are odors, but these odors will go away in a few days.

If using high-pressure spray foam, Stellrr may put the house under negative pressure to help suck out odors or vapors in the air. Stellrr's eco-friendly products lead the industry with the timeframe in which the Client can re-enter the area where we work (attic, crawlspace, or a specific room).

3) Client shall move all objects out of the work areas (attic/crawlspace).

Plus, the site where the walking path will be for installers to access the work area. Remove all wall hangings, objects on the floor, etc, within 10 ft of the attic access points.

If Stellrr is required to move objects to safely and adequately perform the work, the Client pays $60 per crew member per hour. Or the project may have to be RE-scheduled at an added fee. Stellrr may assist the Client in moving heavy objects. The Client will be responsible for putting items back as they see fit.

4) Client shall remove window screens.

If the attic/crawlspace access is in the house, Stellrr will need access to a few windows for running the hose. Window access reduces the amount of hose in the home. The Client is responsible for removing the screen and putting it in a safe area away from Stellrr's work path. Client agrees that Stellrr is not responsible for replacing lost or damaged window screens or other items in the walk access path.

5) The Client will do cosmetic ceiling/ floor/ vent/ wall touch-ups.

Stellrr cannot be responsible for drywall texturing, paint, finish carpentry, etc., which are necessary after construction. When working in the attic, the ceiling may flex slightly and cause nail or screw pops or cracks. There may be smudges from hoses rubbing against walls or corners. These drywall issues are not a function of the worker doing wrong. This is a function of work being done and/or old, underperforming building assemblies. Drywall cavities may experience the same if we densely pack them (especially if there are insufficient screws installed). Stellrr cannot control this. If minor patching and painting are desired afterward, it is outside the scope of work. Expect an additional invoice for the added work scope.

We do NOT create problem-building assemblies; we uncover hidden problems in the home. We cannot be held liable for problems found. Hidden problems are outside the scope of the original proposal. If additional work is needed, expect to pay for the added work needed to fix it...

CEILING: When working in the attic, the ceiling may flex slightly and cause nail or screw pops or cracks. 

FLOOR: Like with the ceiling, when working under the house in the crawlspace, the expanding foam where touching the floor decking may flex, have foam seep through to be visible in the home, or push up the flooring. 

VENT: Again, working with foam or blown insulation, the goal is to seal leaky spots. You may see foam or blown material through a vent, siding, or other penetration. If you see it, that means the material is doing its job. Any removal or painting of cosmetic material is the client's responsibility. 

WALL: Walls may experience the same if we densely pack them (especially if there are not enough screws and adhesive to install the drywall).

EACH OF THESE ISSUES: These are not a function of the Stellrr doing anything wrong. Instead, this is a function of old, underperforming building assemblies.

When one thing is fixed, it can cause other unknown issues to arise. We are not responsible for fixing these items. Full payment is still due on time. 

Example 1: If you hire a plumber to snake a drain, and the old brittle pipe breaks during the process, the plumber is not liable for replacing your plumbing. The plumber uncovered unknown building assembly problems. 

Example 2:  If you've seen any HGTV Home Fixing show, you know that unforeseen problems are uncovered while improving other aspects of the home.

When these problems are uncovered, it is not the contractor's liability to fix them. 

In both cases, the contractor may assist with referrals, suggestions for solutions, or a proposal for additional work added to the existing project scope. 

Stellrr cannot control this. If minor patching, texturing, or painting are required afterward, Stellrr cannot be responsible. It is outside the scope of Stellrr's work.

6) Doors, Windows, Electrical, Water.

During the project, expect the crew to enter and exit the home throughout the day. Expect windows and doors to be open throughout the day.

Please designate a restroom for the crew to use per OSHA requirements. Turning on/off the HVAC unit or electricity may be needed. Likewise, turning on/off the Water or running it may be needed.

7) Stellrr will deploy standard plastic protection one time.

Then, if the Client desires more plastic protection installation, the Foreman can provide an additional price for the added work.

If the Client desires Stellrr to remove and re-install plastic protection daily, Stellrr can do this at an added price.

Also, please understand that additional or redoing protection will cut work hours out of the crew's day, reducing their pay and increasing the length of the project.

8) Full payment is due the day work is significantly completed.

Please prepare a check for the Foreman on the last day of work. The Client may also call Stellrr's office with credit card information, subject to a 3.5% fee from the card processor.

If financing the job, the Client must sign the paperwork on the day of substantial completion. Payment must be received before the crew leaves the job site on the last day of installation.

Failure to pay will void any discount or warranty and is subject to interest, collections, and legal penalties. Payment is due on the last day of significant work, even when “punch list” items still need to be addressed.

9) Initial Work Start & Completion dates may change.

Many variables go into play when we schedule. The Client will have tentative work dates, but actual dates may vary.

If we have a job that is supposed to take two days, but we run into unforeseen issues, and it takes 3 or 5, then we have to change the schedule dates. As you know, this issue is widespread in construction.

Stellrr's workers work in scorching hot and cold environments. And Stellrr's workers are often on the verge of heat illness and have to stop, thus changing project timelines. Of course, we wish everything worked perfectly, but we want you to know date adjustments happen.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling or your installation, please call and ask the Production Department. If you have questions on the work days, please speak to your trained and experienced Foreman.

In general, Stellrr plans to arrive between 8:30 am and 11:30 am. However, the arrival time will depend on the distance from your location to our office. As well as us getting any materials needed for your project.

10) Construction work timeframes are tough to estimate due to many factors.

Timelines are based on the number of man-hours a project should require. If there are unforeseen problems, equipment malfunctions, difficulty factors, or extra homeowner requests, the project will take longer.

If we suggest that the job has a budget of 3 days (48 man-hours), then plan on it taking TWICE as long. The longer a job takes, the less we earn per hour. We are motivated to get the work done quickly, but we must do it right the first time.

11) Hotel. We recommend that the Client book a hotel during the spray foam part of the project.

Please do not book the hotel until the spray foam part of the project starts. As stated previously, the projected start dates change due to uncontrollable factors.

Also, we recommend that the Client DOES NOT book an AirBnB because the nights the Client needs to stay may change. An Airbnb host is not likely flexible about changing or canceling a booking.

However, the Client can book a hotel the day the Client wants to stay there. Stellrr is not liable for any accommodation expenses under any circumstances.